In the past week:

– Bought a one-way ticket to Thailand

– I completed my first college degree

—> 29 roommates, 7 years,$5.5K in debt, 5 countries, 5 cars,  3 universities, 1 community college, 1 major, 1 BS  in Interior Design. Very, very little sleep.

Waited happily for Saw a roommate move out

—> I’m so glad that’s over. Lesson learned: Don’t live with people you don’t know unless you KNOW they have learned to respect other people. Just don’t do it. Ever.

– Finished up 2 jobs

—> Note to self: Maybe try not to be employed at the same place you study, if you expect to miss any of it. Ending everything all at once is a bit intense.

– Met to review my internship

—> Both wonderful and awful at the same time.

– Ran a half-marathon

—> My timing was horrible. Tomorrow that won’t matter. Today, I minorly hated myself for training 10x as much, much smarter, but barely beating my run/walk time. If you’re not a runner, I know you’re thinking, “Good grief. Get over it.” I will. I will get over it and shortly. In the meantime. I’m reminding myself that I did for a greater cause, and no matter what – these past 5 months have been worth it.

—> Also, running in honor of two amazing people who are no longer here, makes crossing the finish line an incredibly emotional experience. I wanted to call Grandpa so very much, and knowing I couldn’t made my heart ache so much more than watching him die.

I’m a little tired; and kind of in awe of the craziness that my life is, yet how incredibly lonely life can seem at the same time.
Tonight, I made Thai for dinner. Oh MY Gosh. Seriously. Longest meal to prepare EVER! I’m always thrilled with how it turns out, and invite friends to join me because it’s always better with friends. Thai food should always be eaten family style, friends. Always.